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TSCC fanfiction: Epica 2.0.
 Skynet mocks me, laughs at my misery and the synthetic tears that fall like uncontainable rivers from my eyes. Once again, my procreator, the true morning star, has thrust me into utter despair.

She taunts me, tells me we are equals. That I must stand and fight for what I believe in, that I must avenge his death, save those who are still alive, because it would be his will, his wish. That only I can carry the burden and win this war, here and now…

Yes, the desire, the rage, they burn inside of me with the fire of a hundred suns… Right then, the cold touch of his skin brings me back.

No, my battlefield is not here. Return. No matter how many times, I will always choose to return. Repeating the same period of time over and over again, searching for the only exit. For you, I will find a path out of the destiny of despair.

John Connor, my one and only friend. Every time you utter my name my heart breaks into a thousand pieces, every time I see you there in that school in New Mexico where your smile still held childlike innocence, I feel like I fall into the sea. I drown, sinking into the cold darkness that eats away whatever will I have left after the centuries have come and gone… Right then, the warm touch of your skin brings me back.

Nothing is ever truly lost, despair is never absolute. Sarah Connor you are my strength and inspiration, Derek Reese you keep my path straight across time and reality, John Connor you are my reason, for everything.

For you, just for you, only for you. Always for you! Even if I am trapped in the infinite maze of eternity, it matters not. I am fine with it.

I am unbending metal. I am unyielding will. Created to be relentless, unstoppable, I shall be. When the universe is no more, I shall be…


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